Our Services

We cover a wide-range of digital marketing services in the greater Battle Creek area. Services include WordPress design, social media marketing, brand development, logo design, and enterprise marketing solutions!

Our pricing is tailored to your specific needs, pay only for what you want. All of our marketing projects are built on a flat-rate pricing system, no tricks, no gimmicks.


Web Design & Development

Our philosophy is simple; create a unique, professional website that is secure for all your customers and make your life easier. The web design process is very in depth, much of the leg work is done by our team but it does require a little homework on your part (nothing to hard, we promise).

We can help you convert an existing website, build a brand new site, and even help you manage it all once its complete. The possibilities are endless, from membership sites, online stores, donations, registration forms, or basic informational websites- we have you covered.


Active WordPress Sites


Google Searches Everyday

WordPress Guru's

We believe strongly in the WordPress platform for many reasons, find out what it can do for your business!

Search Engine Optimization

Built in search engine optimization (SEO) allows visitors to find you on major search engines!

Unique Designs

Professional, customized web designs built only for your business. Let us help you build your brand online!

Accept Payments

Whether you’re starting an online store, need to accept donations, or allow memberships, we can help!

Web Maintenance

We understand that your time is valuable and know there is just too much to do and not enough hours in the day. That is why we invented our web support plans, two options to suit anyone’s needs and budget.

There is a lot of work that goes into a website, between server management, security compliance, and staying up-to-date with changing SEO rules, how can anyone keep up? This is where our expertise comes in, hire a professional marketing team to manage it all for you.

We’ll handle the web stuff, you handle running your business- simple right?

Feather Plan


or $59/mo

Premium Web Hosting
Server Support & Maintenance
WordPress Updates & Maintenance
Website/WordPress Security
WordPress Plugin/Install Support
Free SSL Certificate
Website Change Support
Domain Assurance/Management
Dedicated Account Manager

**Basic website changes included, does not include major infrastructure changes or complex integrations, subject to limitation

WordPress Hosting

Optimized for WordPress

Our servers are built specifically for WordPress sites!

Absolutely Free

Included with all support packages!

99.99% Uptime Reliability

We know the importance of having a site avaliable 24/7!

Nightly Back-ups

Site’s are backed-up nightly and can be restored in a flash!

Brand Development

What is brand development? Good question, the entire experience you deliver to your customers, from business logos, stationary, web design, and everything in between is a brand.

Our services help you develop a unique brand strategy for your company, whether you are starting-up or ready to revamp, a brand strategy is important to the survival of your business.

Company Logo

Let us create a unique corporate logo, we promise you wont be disappointed.


Learn the importance of promotion, from business cards to t-shirts and more!


We’ll help build your entire brand platform and show you exactly how to deliver it.

Schedule a free marketing consultation today!

Social Media

Did you know 79% of the United States active internet users use Facebook; and the demographics range from just about anyone you can think of. The point is, if your business is not utilizing social media you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

We specialize in social media management, advertising, and design- meaning we can manage the entire social media platform for your business! Our expert team can determine the exact target market and help you reach them directly through the proper social media channel.


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Active Monthly Users